Women in No-code

Women in no code

Mariam Hakobyan is the CEO and co-founder of Softr, one of the most user-friendly no-code platforms for creating bespoke apps and portals. Softr produces building elements that are specific to each company for a fraction of the expense of employing developers. Mariam holds a Master’s Degree in Faculty Science from Yerevan State University. Her areas of expertise include Java, Scala, Akka, Kafka, Elastic Search, and a variety of other technologies. She is a former engineer turned entrepreneur who has established and led product and engineering teams for over a decade and now wants to make technology accessible and usable to all.


Grace Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Slingr. Grace holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. According to her interview with Women Who Startup, she has always been interested in technology and data science. She was inspired to create an application from scratch because of her previous expertise in huge businesses and startups. Slingr is a LowCode solution for entrepreneurs and businesses that allows for the quick development of new apps and workflows. Slingr interfaces with a variety of third-party services and data sources. In its tenth year, it is developing integrated business solutions that coordinate over 50 best-of-breed technologies such as Slack, Twilio, Sparkpost, AWS Connect, Lex, Lambda, Kinesis, SNS, and Ethereum to generate highly scalable automation.


Derya Sousa is the Co-Founder and COO of Kianda. Derya began her work as a web developer and progressed to become an information technology consultant. She collaborated closely with top management and IT departments to advise and assist them in developing specific technological solutions to support their businesses across sectors. Together with her husband, Osvaldo Sousa, they decided to put their abilities to use and create a solution that would put an end to the continual reinvention. Kianda Technologies was founded four years ago with the goal of becoming a NoCode automation solution that delivers agility to enterprises. Kianda is a cloud-based EPP platform that allows businesses to automate business operations such as digital forms, workflows, and dashboards.


Samantha Lloyd is Co-Founder and CEO of Metaranx. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Digital Marketing Management. She is great at marketing, social media marketing, and writing on themes such as web content, web design, web development, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization. She also has experience in wedding and event planning. Metaranx is a drag-and-drop platform that enables you to create artificial intelligence tools and apps without any coding knowledge.

Anita Kirkovska is Co-Founder and Growth Engineer at Ampstor, a NoCode digital storytelling solution that launched in 2019. Anita holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. She participates in Google Developers Group Skopje as a Co-Organizer and WomenTechmaker Ambassador, Google Developers Group Central Florida as a Co-Organizer, and We Talk IT as a Marketing Tech Volunteer. She is currently building Biyo, a dynamic portfolio builder for creators. She is passionate about planning and coordinating with people and on projects.

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