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Did you know that only 0.3% of people can build software? Sadly it is the truth.
Imagine we can translate the ideas of every working professional into a software! All the ideas and solutions we’re missing because it’s been inaccessible to develop software!
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  • Automating workflows with internal tools
  • Digitizing payments with Stripe
  • E-commerce and marketplaces

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A technology-First Approach to software and talent

Did you know that only 0.3% of people can build software? Sadly it is the truth.
Imagine working professionals like doctors, coaches, lawyers, and salespeople built their software! Think of all the ideas and solutions we’re missing because it’s been inaccessible to develop software.

“No-code is a state of mind. In today’s technology driven world, everyone has access to the right set of tools for building the software they need. This wasn’t always the case.”


Sourav Das,

Founder, CEO of Parentheses Labs

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Our Expertise


Website Design

Design smart compact websites with us that is affordable and quick.


Low-code Development

Automate your workflows, make MVPs or integrate payments in E-commerce.


Platform Integration

Integrate new technologies seamlessly on your existing Tech Stack

Why People Trust Us

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Problem Scoping

We provide multiple free sessions to understand your automation needs.

Flexible pricing

We understand one size does not fit all. Our pricing plans are flexible and can be customized to match your needs

Unmatched Expertise

Our team of low code developers are

High Performance Team

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Sneak peak to the portfolio

Our portfolio includes web apps and mobile apps  from marketplaces, custom tools for operations management and voice integrations

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Parentheses Support Plan

A plan that adapts to your needs.

What People Say About Us

Our customers believe in us due to the unmatched expertise of our team. Our operations team makes client’s involvement into the project a priority and constantly takes feedbacks to deliver quality projects in fixed timeframe.

Ethan Shaw
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The understanding of the problem was appreciated at every step. Openness to iterate and work is great. Great ideas from the team.
Nandan pandit
“It was great. There was a good balance between informal and professionalism”
Yunus Ahmed
“The needs of the client are handled well with effective communication. We were constantly updated and kept in loop during the development process ”
aditya apoorva

Parentheses Expert Team

Our team is expert in a variety of low code tools like Bubble.io, Caspio, Canonic, Xano, Retool to just name a few.


Kusumika Sinha Roy

Chief Operations Officer


Ketan Khamgaonkar

Machine Learning Expert & Lead Low code Developer


Sayan Naskar

Bubble Expert

Turning Ideas into Action